Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Great Move

Michelle and Scott finished their exams last week, started full time work... moved all Michelle's stuff from her Dorm to Scott's old apt. Then they organized and packed all of Scott's belongings, help clean the apt and then on Thursday, moved all their stuff in the pack of the car to the new apt. And there they sat. No beds, no dishes, no cutlery, no food. Well, they had pasta. the boys left lots of pasta behind and pasta sauce.

Saturday morning, the first nice day of the week in Antigonish and we arrived at the new apt at 11:20 with the load of things from our place. Terry and Scott lifted beds, dressers, chairs and boxes up these narrow metal steps that go up the side of the building to the second floor. Michelle, Laura and I unpacked all the dishes, pots, plastics and bake ware from my house to her kitchen and we chatted about Laura's graduation and up and coming job interview for RLC. I hope she gets it, if nothing else, to live back in the Nish to be with Michelle. They have become great friends and great support for each other. You hate to see your friends leave... so, I am soo hoping she gets the RLC.
We made a second van run, this time to Scott's' former house, to pick up the second hand living room furniture and a few odds and ends. They are babysitting Hutan's plants for the summer and they had to be moved over as well. Michelle and I broke up the afternoon by going to a few stores to buy some necessities and also to a fun kitchen store to pick out some fun things for me, because I got a nice gift certificate from Michelle for Mothers Day!!! What a fun and amazing store!!!
Below is a video tour of Scott and Michelle's apt, in its first stages. Nothing unpacked or even decided on what will go were. But these videos are to please all the family who couldn't be there to help move all that stuff up the steep steps!!!

They have a lot of unpacking to do, and some cleaning over at Scott's former house and I hear they plan a visit to see their little guinea pigs that were born two weeks ago. That is there weekend. This is the second part of the video tour of the apt.

On, a further FLOOD note, check out my sister's blog. They went to the cottage this morning to check out the water levels. Not only is the river over the edges of the highway, blocking half of the road, but the Grand Lake has swelled up to the highest level ever, and is touching the steps of the cottage. The baby cottage is totally submerged with only the roof showing. wow, its quite the FLOOD of 2008.

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GailM. said...

I love your apartment Michelle and Scott. Imagine, an office for two. That's great. I bought you a fun kitchen gift today. I'll give it to you when you come to Freddy Beach at the end of the month.