Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adventure... what do you call adventure!

Ok, some people call an a tour through a scary set of caves in South Africa, like a young teacher just did and put pics on Facebook. Others call an adventure.... kayaking though a fast moving river, navigating through little rapids and fallen trees.

We had a different adventure yesterday. Our afternoon was suppose to be kayaking down the Nictaux canal, in chilly weather to first off, take some beautiful fall pics and secondly to have one last trip out on our beloved kayaks.

After a Saturday morning of cleaning bathrooms, cleaning out the fridge and swiffering doggie hair off the new floors, we headed out of the house to put the kayaks on the car. Terry and I were dressed in layers and warm pants and I haven't been in the kayaks for weeks so I was pretty excited. Terry started to load up the car and as I came out of the house, he was standing by the car with a really mad look on his face. There was a nail sticking out of our back tire.

Terry stood there and grumbled and paced for 5 minutes and then we braved the roads and went to Canadian Tire to get is repaired. We had first decided we were going kayaking anyway, and would risk the nail, but then Terry touched the nail and hissing started! So, we decided we would get it fixed.. Of course, Terry doesn't have any love for our Canadian Tire, and was sooooo sure they wouldn't have any tires or time to fix it... and I was trying to make light of his hatred for the store... but alas, no tires and no mechanics on Saturdays... after noonhour! ugh....

We drove home and on the way home Terry suggested that we drive to N.M. to the Canadian Tire there... that is 30 minutes on the highway... now the tire was hissing in our driveway... can you imagine on a 30 minute drive going 100km.... So I packed my cellphone and my camera and off we went on our adventure....

The colors in the valley are spectacular and my camera, through the car windows, going 110, with a hissing tire, just didn't do the colors justice. But we did see the "Walker". Any of you who live in the valley know this guy. This fella is about 70 years old, and walks the highway everyday with those walking poles and he walks pretty darn fast. If that isn't funny enough, the look on his face as he's walking is incredible. His teeth are totally bared and gritted together like he was snarling at an enemy. The fact is, I think that is his smile!

Well our adventure ended safely in the parking lot of the NM Canadian Tire, they had 4 new tires for us (it was time for new tires anyway) they were on sale, and they put them on in less than 40 minutes. Just long enough for Terry and I to wonder the mall hand in hand, buying nothing but browsing lots. We looked at artwork and shoes (for him), range hoods and bathroom mirrors. We shopped at the NM Sobeys which was an adventure since I haven't been there in at least 2 years. We have shopped more in Halifax than we every have in NM even though its 30 minutes away... geesh.

There was groups selling 50/50 tickets for the high school, and another group selling pumpkins for the Children's Wish foundation. There was a BBQ for a dance group and a market of veggies in the parking lot. Even though it wasn't as "adventurous" as cave walking or bungee jumping, it was still really fun.


Scott said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time anyways - sans kayaking.

GailM. said...

Oh my, you were brave to drive to NM with a hissing tire..but it sounded like a fun day. I think your kayaking days are numbered..