Monday, October 27, 2008

Chakra Colors....

Well, Friday was Provincial Conference Day here in Nova Scotia. This day is when all teachers, EA's and school staff sign up and travel to a conference, somewhere in the province. That goes for my trade too, and I was lucky enough to sign up for a course that was happening right in my own community... It had nothing to do with my line of work, but it sounded fun, and it was close!

My day started with a 2 hour lecture on Chakras... you know, those energy forces that exist in everyone's bodies. I learned there are 7 of them and they have their own colors, they control different parts of your bodies and everyone has them. Some of their chakras are stronger than the others... so we took a test... it involved 25 or 30 questions.. here are just a few of the "yes" or "no" statements:

I generally feel in harmony with the universe...Yes or No

My intuition is quite well-developed.. yes or No

I feel emotionally connected with other people...yes or no

I am deeply afraid of loneliness... yes or no

I know how to enjoy life... yes or no

I have many different interests.. yes or no

I am at peace within myself and not easily thrown off center...

to name a few.. there were 28 of them. All as deep as these ones... so, we had to answer yes or no to these in a crowd of 20 ladies... in about 5 minutes. These were deep questions.. ummmm, harmony with the universe... like do they mean the whole universe... like the milky way too, or just my community... like so I take into consideration that I work very hard to not pollute the earth but 50% of the world couldn't care less about our environment... oh geesh...

Anyway, I answered all the questions and then we did a mathematical exercise on assigning numbers to chakras and well... the results were... I am balanced in two of my chakras, and over chakra'd in 3 and under chakra'd in 2. I am low in the Forehead one, and the Splenic one..

Very interesting.... the forehead one (or the third eye) which is located between the eyes... controls your cerebellum, eyes, ears, face and sinuses. Also the hormonal system... ugh... great.... just what I need. when you balanced in this one, you can see things clearly, like one's purpose in life. You have good intuition and clairvoyance. You can see problems from a higher vantage point. when you are low in this one ... you are prone to greed, a lust for power and selfishness... oh great... geesh.

The other one I am low in is the Secral chakra.... it controls your ovaries.. hormones.. again, ugh.

So chakras are sort of like horoscopes, fun to read about but you only believe what you want to. I did enjoy the day, and I believe that this is an ancient believe and practice with some validity. I thought about it a lot this weekend and read a few things, just for fun. But the test we took could hardly give you believable results but it was sort of funny how I am low in the two that control your hormones... geesh.

The afternoon was a whole afternoon of Pilates... I loved it. I have actually done pilates a lot of times with a video tape and with a couple of afterschool exercise friends. but this was a real life Pilates expert... sooo fun and sooo informative. And she was funny too. I am not sure how the other ladies enjoyed it but I wish I could take her class every day.. it was a blast...

And there is was... Conference Day 2008... done..... and quite a success in my mind.!


cpm said...

Fun! I never even asked you about your day...and we had lunch alone together! good grief! I'm glad you had a great day! I wonder what my chakra is?!? hmmm!

GailM. said...

I never heard of chakra although I did hear of the 3rd eye...Yes, I think alot of this stuff sounds like it came from ancient beliefs. I bet Stef could tell you about it. Dr. Oz says more and more people are getting into this wholeistic stuff. (I'm not sure how to spell it). It sounded interesting. The pilates afternoon sounds like it was energizing. I would have liked to do that with you.