Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The End of the Season

All the blogs I follow have a reoccurring theme this week, and I hate to be the same but its all about the fall... really, isn't it. As you are aware, we didn't get kayaking on Saturday like we had hoped because of car troubles... but I did take my camera along and got some glorious pics of colorful trees... This is in Julie's front yard... I drive by it every day coming home from work... amazing!

Sunday started off chilly and sunny... the leaves were falling like snow on the lawn and Terry went golfing in the morning while I was at church. when i got home we decided to give the kayaks one last try... and again, an adventure because we have never kayaked in the cold before.
While I was at church, my friend Doug were chatting during the lull between things and he talked about going out to his cottage for the afternoon at Trout Lake. I talked about taking the yaks out one last time and he convinced me that we should try Trout Lake... Well, it didn't take much to convince Terry and we started packing up things into the car. As a fleeting thought, I grabbed a couple of pairs of gardening gloves with the little rubber bumps to help lift the freezing cold kayaks up onto the car. Have you ever tried gripping super cold plastic with cold hands...no grip whatsoever...

well, those sweet little gardening gloves kept my hands warm as we paddled the lake. The sunny cool day turned into a brisk cloudy and windy afternoon and my fingers were frozen. Here we are, both Terry and I paddling in the winds and choppy waves with our bright yellow gardening gloves on with little pink and green flowers on them!!!! tooooo funny, really, and I can't believe I didn't get a pic!

One of the main reasons I wanted to go out one last time was to see the fall colors around the lake or a river... sadly, the colors were disappointing at Trout Lake for two reasons.. There were a lot of spruce and pine trees which are green, and the fact that the leaves have been falling at a tremendous speed all weekend... there wasn't much color... just a bit of yellow left in the trees.
We did have a great afternoon, and it is a lovely lake, filled with large boulders in certain areas, and some under ground boulders that caught both Terry and I by surprise. I got hung up on a rock 30 seconds after I start out... and Terry got hung up on a boulder and it was sort of funny... he was paddling along and then all of a sudden we heard an eerie scrapping sound and his kayak stopped dead. We looked across at each other and we were silent... he leaned forward, gave a good paddle and he scrapped forward and slid back into the water.... we both cracked right up laughing, but it made us a little more attentive to wear we were paddling!We did pull our kayaks up at this hideway cottage in the woods and explored a bit of the land. This is my friend Pat's family cottage, but I wasn't really sure it was, so I peeked in the windows and looked for some clue to the who owned it.. I felt a bit like a peeping Tom so we left after a few minutes... I did find out today that we were indeed on the right property!!
Our little kayaks are safely tucked away for the winter and we will spent the winter dreaming up new places to explore.!

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GailM. said...

Nice. But alas, I think you'll hae to put the yaks away for the winter soon. It was chilly today. Gesh, "Yaks"... you're a real yuppy now..or is that a yakky. Nice fall pictures.