Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My day started yesterday with a quick blog about how exciting it is to be on March Break. I had no plans for Monday, and after blogging I started my list of "clean out fridge, vacuum everywhere, laundry, exercise...". Just as I started to sort laundry, the phone rings and its my old friend, Heather GR and she is itching to go to Frenchies in Digby.... can I go...

She arrived at 10:30 to pick me up and off we went.. chatting all the way, catching up on a years' worth of news. Imagine, a whole year since we've seen each other. The hours' trip to Digby zipped by and we arrived at the Big Frenchies. I didn't take a picture inside Frenchies, cause I thought the 100 people in there might freak.... and there are only a few of my blog followers who have never been in a Frenchies. Pretty overwhelming exercise in bin surfing. Heather and I sorted each bin we were interested in, one on each side of the big bins. And even more chatting while we carefully sifted through tee shirts, blouses, pants, pajamas, jackets, sweaters and even the shoes. After paying for my bag full of goodies, we headed off for some lunch at the Dockside Restaurant. This was our view while we enjoyed Fish and Chips and even more chatting!

We went off to the second Frenchies in Digby and then down the road to Weymouth to "Jackies" which Heather had never been too. The second Frenchies in Digby was more junk bins than clothes and we found nothing worth sorting through but Jackies was a great discovery and we sorted through the smaller but fuller bins and we both came away with another bag full.
I spent $60 for the day(not including lunch) and came away with lots of good finds. I tend to buy things though at Frenchies that I end up never wearing, so I was very careful today to only take home things that I will wear.

Some of my finds... grey dresspants, brown capris, black jogging pants, 5 sleeveless collared shirts for the summer, 2 collared golf shirts (with sleeves) a winter sweater, a pink tee shirt, 2 long sleeved winter shirts, Red fleece jacket and a white blouse. Some brand names I found was Dressbarn, American Eagle, Jones of New York, Gap, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer and others that I have never heard of.

We got home at 5:30 and I was exhausted. I do think I am battling something like a cold or flu, as I have been tired for over a week. But I think the combination of 3 hours in the car, 3 hours of sorting clothes and a "way too big Meal", did me in, and I fell asleep before House was over and I didn't get to see the end.... Is it true... did the cat predict her death right?


GailM. said...

You must have been tired. What a fun, sunny day. Beautiful pictures of Digby too. I loved my trip to Frenchy's last May. I wear almost everything that I bought. My favorite is the red criss-cross sweater that would have been way to big for you!

mickermoodles said...

Hahaha, welll lets just say the "House" Moment where he figures everything out is quite hilarious for any cat/laptop owner.

Scott said...

Sounds like fun!

Btw, the cat does predict oncoming death because it is trying to stay warm. So it snuggles up to someone that is feverish or that has an electric blanket on them. Pretty near episode!

Scott said...

Oh ya like michelle said, the cat lays down on House's MacBook pro and House has one of his epiphany moments

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Great finds - they all look like wearable items - so much for shopping at the 'real' stores in the city tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Donna, awesome finds! Enjoyed your blog! Can't wait to see you modeling those items. :o)

Paula xo

cpm said...

Sweet finds! Good for you! I'll be making sure I see you actually weat them in the upcoming weeks though! lol!
Isn't March Break fantastic!?!?!