Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting ready

Scott and Michelle have had a busy week finalizing all the details. Its important to know when, where, and who.. and all that before they print off the official details for the invitation.

The meetings with clergy, with facility managers, emails with caterer, suit rentals, three trips to the city for many reasons, and only some were wedding related!

Scott put the final touches on the invites before they were squeezed onto one documents with some rotating and repositioning. Then printed on nice shiny paper. Done.

Lunch was planned out and everyone claimed a dish to make and the kitchen became a behive of activity. Scott's new found talent for piping (not bagpiping!) and his love of deviled eggs led him to claim that dish. Terry made the soup... and Michelle had her own plans.

Scott had a chef's assistant during his turn in the kitchen.

One of our team for Saturday was one of her oldest and dearest friends' birthday. What a perfect event to surprise Ashley with a special cake. Michelle's love of baking along with her talent for cake building allowed Michelle to create an adorable birthday gift cake for Ash.

Happy 22nd Birthday Ashley!


Jacklyn Craft said...

It's exciting to follow the wedding plans. I love the way it's all so well organized.

And that birthday cake is too cute. What a clever decorating idea.

cpm said...

That cake was amazing! I'm happy you got a picture of the inside too! It was just as pretty as the outside (well not really but really fancy nonetheless!) The cute cupcakes that match are awesome too!
I like Scott's assistant! lol!

ancient one said...

Everything looks like it's coming together! That was a beautiful cake!