Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goes Intas

These drawings could be designs for the command module for the new moon landing in 2021. They could also be calculations to predict the winning 649 lottery numbers.

But they're not. These many sheets of math equations, geometry drawings, "goes intos" and math notes are the work of an amazing Mathematician in her quest to design, and produce Michelle's wedding invitations the most cost effective way possible.

From the time Michelle and Scott announced there engagement, well over a year ago, we have been talking about all the cool things that we could do for the wedding. Our family are all "crafty" and all my friends are as well. So it is just natural that we all lean towards homemade things for the wedding. And that ole motto "many hands make light work" is only the tip of the reason why we wanted to have all our family and friends be a part of the planning, producing and participating in the wedding.

Jill has worked her buns off, and with Scott and Michelle's phenomenal ability to make decisions and live by them... a design was born and nurtured on those papers above and months of brain work and recruiting.. a date was sent.. supplies ordered and lunch was planned.

Before the team arrives... we have lots of things to get ready....


cpm said...

ha!ha! Great pictures! I love the lead up to where this is going! I LOVE YOUR BLOGS DONNA!!!!
Jill is a Math Goddess for sure (and damn she looked good!) At first I thought it was the new hair but then she stood up! wow!
Michelle and Scott picked amazing colours. So happy and upbeat...just like Michelle's personality! Jill and Mick = awesome combo, add you in the mix = perfection! That's my "goes intas" for the day! lol!

GailM. said...

OMG, that is more than just math, that's algebra. Look at the cars in your yard, OMG, I can't wait to hear and see more abou this.