Friday, February 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Oh, February is such a fun month. Really. Its true. Wednesday afternoon, the sun was beating in my office window, giving me the fantasy in my head of a summer's day. Bus duty gals were ranting about how glorious the sun was and the heat of its rays was rejuvenating to ones soul. All this, while the radio and every weather speaking adult was speculating about the weather system that was on its way... would school be cancelled. Both Terry and I were fairly sure it would be.. and I had already decided that I would not be go into work if indeed school was cancelled.Thursday morning, very early.... those heavenly words... All Schools are cancelled!!! Yipee. As daylight broke, the sky was grey, the winds were calm. The Temperature rose from -12 to -5 in an hour... and it looked peaceful and welcoming. Terry went off to work and I attacked my list of things to get done. By noon.... the snow started and when Terry got home for lunch, his work was cancelled as well.We are taking advantage of Gail's cool sewing machine and embroidering everything that stands still. Terry made a cool "Shark" design for his bowling team shirts. He designed it the other night and then made his first one. It was a bit crooked on the back of the shirt but he promised to stand crooked in the opposite direction so it will look even!

Mollie sat outside in the lovely snow for a bit until we dragged her back in. She is so funny. She loves the snow. A little snowy on her head......... a lot snowy on her back!!!!


Jacklyn Craft said...

Hey there. Winter's wonderful, isn't it? Just when I hoped our snow was over, guess what happened? I'm sooo looking forward to spring.

What an awesome sewing machine. I'm very impressed with your fine stitchery.

GailM. said...

Cool Shark. I'm impressed. Yes, I have a hard time with getting things straight too. I love our winter wonderland here... via webcam.

ancient one said...

That sewing machine just amazes me.. boy, I'm so behind the times... loved the shark and the fact that your husband will stand crooked to make it straight..LOL