Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, there are many signs that point to the hint of spring coming. Dripping icicles, tulips popping up, little wisps of green grass showing around patches of snow.

Well none of those things are happening yet... so we, at our house, want to know where this thing came from! You can see the temperature outside, and the snow in the back ground but this big bugger was on the inside of the window Saturday morning~
Geesh... and for a person who doesn't kill bugs, what do you do with it! ugh. Well, he is sitting outside in the sun, on the cedar tree in the front yard. He will either be someones lunch or he will have to find shelter~!


Josee said...

I hate those big bugs, we call them"stink bugs" because they really stink when you squish them. Sorry I have no problem killing bugs if they come into my house. They know if the come in my house they are committing suicide. How do the darn things get in anyway?

cpm said...

you know how you felt about my "oat bags" blog...'tis the same way I'm starting to feel about "spring?"! Blog for the love!