Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Linens.. anyone!

Wedding plans are coming along good, I think. Not being experienced at this type of thing, who knows how things will go until we actually get to it..
We have a beautiful venue for the reception, and they provide tables, chairs, dance floor, sound system, easels, microphones and podium. But they do not offer linens. Our caterer, is equally amazing.. and brings everything with them from the city. Dishes, stemware, buffet stuff, BBQ's, fuel and even their own water.. but again, they don't offer or provide linens..
Therefore, our mission today was to find a place to rent some linens. MacFarland's in Halifax rent linens of all shapes and colors and it was fun to peruse their website.. Michelle determined that to rent a tablecloth that would cover the tables nicely would cost $10 to rent.. each. We need about 20, which includes the buffet tables, head table and guest tables. I mentioned to Michelle that I saw a few white table cloths at Sobeys marked down from Christmas, so Terry and I hopped into the new vehicle and went over. There they were, 11 of them. They were marked down from 9.50 to $4 each. That was a great find, so I called Michelle and asked her to go to Sobeys in her neighbourhood to see if there were anymore.
The next morning, after her mid term she went off to the grocery store and sure enough, they had 12 of them. Now they had them marked down to $6.50. Well, Michelle took them over to the customer service desk and asked to have them marked down to $4, because "her mom just bought some at a different Sobeys and they were $4".............. and he did! How cool was that. So we got 23 white table clothes for just over $100... yipee And I happen to know another family who needs tablecloths for a wedding two weeks after ours!!!


GailM. said...

OMG, how cool is that. You can rent them out and make your money back and some...And they're beautiful. I love getting a deal. Great work Michelle, getting the customer service guy to match the price.

cpm said...

WOW! Score for sure! Now tell the person who needs the linens next that you can rent them out only $5 bucks a pop! What a steal! lol!

Anonymous said...

I love a deal and you just got a great one!!kofo