Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Murder in Greenwood

OK, stole the title from the Knitnut. ... who is watching crows in Ottawa... Drove home last week and when I got out of the car I was greeted by over 100 loud crows. This was a relatively small murder of crows compared to the amount that hang around the PMQ woods, right Mary (bet you don't miss these guys) ? About once a week, we get a small crowd of them that hang around the woods across the street from our house. They are loud and the trees are thick with black bodies, but its usually dusk and you can barely see them. This day though, they were in my yard, and even though they were loud and somewhat scarey looking, they were also majestic and amazing.
I think they are amazing birds. They have had a raw deal over the past many years being linked to so many negative things... but truly, if you take them for who they are.. not what we have made them into.. you have to agree.. they are amazing birds.


cpm said...

definitely a catchy title...with both kids sick and me doing report cards it could have easily been my title! lol!
I hate crows...i find them way less then amazing (especially in the morning when they are hanging in my backyard!)
blog again...this one sucked! LOL!!
maybe one on blue jays would have been better!

GailM. said...

OMG, I thought - What - A Murder!!!! no. Friggin crows...I agree with CPM, I know you're up to more interesting stuff!!!!

What happened to the Lasagna?

mvm said...

Haha...I don't miss the crows in my back yard that's for sure! I do remember many nights looking out the PMQ window with the kids watching as the sky turn black with crows as they settled in for the night.