Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some little tidbits of what we had to do to make the invites!

We laughed an awful lot while making these invitations. Michelle and two of her bridesmaids, Ashley, our birthday girl, and Lyndsey (who is getting married 2 weeks after Michelle) learned a lot from a room full of Moms. Sometimes they laughed with us and other times, I am sure, they laughed at us! It was incredible how much work got done even though each card had no less than 9 parts to it, and several "actions" such as gluing and stamping. 100 completed invitations in just over 2 hours.

We have one more work evening, and that is to decorate the envelopes. They come in this week so I am hoping to spend an evening stamping and rolling those before I put them in the mail to Michelle.


cpm said...

I love how you see so many pieces of the invitations but no final product...sneaky! hee!hee!
It was so funny to see how stressed out Ashley was about punching out the stars. Everything turned out amazing!
MORE MORE MORE blogging!

mvm said...

Wow, 100 invites in 2 hours!! Lots of work but looks like everyone had a great time. If I every need invitations I know where to

GailM. said...

Oh, I hope I get one of these in the mail when i get home! I can't wait to see.