Friday, March 6, 2009

Hamburger, anyone?

I love the show "America's Test Kitchen". I subscribe to the website as well as the "Cook's Illustrated" magazine which is a supplement magazine with mostly all the same recipes as the TV show and some really interesting comparisons (food as well as appliances).

I just got my magazine yesterday, and read it cover to cover last night before bed. It has 31 pages, no ads to bulk it up, no color, large smooth pages that lay flat. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share this fun little hint for freezing hamburger. I hope the magazine doesn't mind.

Quick Tip -

Easier Meat Defrosting

Freezing a large portion of ground meat is problematic when it comes time to cook and you only need to use a small quantity. Jane Wright of Weston, Conn., solves this problem by transferring the ground meat to a large zipper lock bag. Using her fingers, she presses through the bag to divide the mass into 4 equal portions, and they places the bag flat in the freezer. When its time to cook, she simply breaks off the amount of meat she needs.

Superstore has hamburger on sale this week... Extra lean ground beef....... bought some tonight, just so I can try this!


GailM. said...

Good tip. I too have subscribed to the free website. I don't read it very much, but I always watch the show when I can. I have one of their cookbooks too. I didn't know you got the subscription. Neat. Do you have any other tips that are good.

Linda H said...

Hi Donna, I'm a friend of Gails' amd I read her blog daily , and often look at yours too. Here's another wonderful USEFUL hamburger tip for ya- when forming your patties, poke your finger into the middle, so it's almost like a hole in a donut. This helps it cook thru the middle so no pink spots when you bite into it. The hole closes in as it bbq's and you would never know it was like a charm...