Thursday, June 19, 2008

Auntie Jill

While I was away this past weekend, my dear friend Jill (Midnight's mom) (you can read her blogs at iblog..) took care of Mollie. My Mollie is 8.5 years old. She is quite unique, if I must say so myself. She is insanely intelligent, which is sometimes really creepy. She has a vocabulary of about 100 words, and understands whole sentences. I know its hard to believe, but its true, and all you have to do is spend a day with her to understand.
Anyway, I have never had to leave Mollie with anyone. Partly because my dad has been living with us for Mollie's entire life, and partly because we don't go very many places that we would have to leave her behind.
This weekend was not the time or place to bring her along, and my Jill (Mollies most favorite person in the world) offered to take her home.

I never gave her a thought while I was away, but when we got home to an empty house, it was strikingly quiet.

Now Mollie herself, got home around 8:00pm and although she was very excited to get home, once she greeted us, she was quite happy to hop back in the car with Jill and Meleigha! Once Jill convinced her to get back out of the car.... Mollie moped around the house the whole evening and didn't even sleep in our room that night. She was very sad to leave Jill's house of activity to come home to our mundane and quiet home.

I think she truly misses all of the gang at Jills.... kelly, Chico, Meleigha, Mel, Jill and Midnights' smell. Thank you so much Jill. She was so happy with you guys and I know she will look forward to any time we hop in the car and head in your direction. Thanks for the awesome pictures too.... I think I might frame them!


GailM. said...

Oh, it sounds like Molly had a great time. I want to go to say at Jill's.

Jill said...

Auntie Jill LOVES Mollie! She also gives a thumbs up to the photo of her too!

Mollie is welcome anytime.