Friday, June 20, 2008

Beans Beans and More Beans

In late spring, I received a really nice gift from my blogger friend Ann. I happened upon Ann's blog by accident about a year ago and the very first entry I read was how her impatiens had popped up that spring for the 5th year in a row. I love garden blogs and I was shocked that someone out there could actually have impatiens as a perennial. Well, I didn't hesitate one second, I sent off a comment asking where she was and how she could possible have them come back each year.

So funny when I think back, but Ann was sweet to me and we have kept in touch with each other through blogs and cards. She is very thoughtful and kind, and her strong belief in God is refreshing.

Anyway, Ann sent along a fun little box of seeds from her Hyacinth beans. Pretty pink pods on them. She has blogged a couple of times about her beans, and I had expressed an interest in them, and she had wanted to try my Scarlet Runners which you can see to the right. (Pic taken last August) The are pretty tall bean stocks with bright orange flowers that the hummingbirds just swarm. Anyway, I am so excited to try Ann's beans, along with some other mystery beans from Texas.

So, I have planted them along with my Scarlett Runners, with Morning Glories in between. The Glories came up from last year's seeds, sort of like Ann's Impatiens. All I had to do was transplant them into the spots I needed them to be. It has been a week, and ALL of my beans are up and reaching. Terry had to put the string up tonight and we are both pretty excited to see the new beans and how they stand up to Valley sun and Rain.!

The beans were planted last week in between the Glories.


ancient one said...

So my beans will have orange flowers... cannot wait... haven't seen the mystery beans from Texas flower yet either... so that will be a surprise for me... The scarlet beans are climbing their strings... I actually planted some speckled butter beans on my post this year...wonder if they will do as good as the hyacinth beans? It will be fun to find out. Enjoy yours.. I'm enjoying mine...Also have picked squash and cukes from our garden, then found a bag of squash and zukini on the back steps today... I guess one of the neighbors was here while we were gone..LOL

Taryn said...

I love watching your garden grow via your blog, Donna ;)