Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday, again

Have I told you I love Saturdays.... well, I do. Today was a bacon and egg breakfast day.... My dear husband... never eats breakfast. I love breakfast. I eat breakfast...every day. I don't think I have ever missed breakfast.

In October, I changed my work hours so that I started work later. This was mainly to be home in the morning a bit longer to help dad with some of his morning chores... making his bed, some minor bandaging and making his breakfast were my main tasks. The bonus for me with the new schedule was I had extra time in the morning to walk for half an hour before Dad even got up. The other bonus for me was that I had someone to eat breakfast with every morning. It use to be that dad and I had breakfast together only on the weekends. Usually oatmeal on Saturday and always poached eggs on Sunday.

Terry has been hovering for a few weeks now, making sure I don't crash... little does he know, I crash when he's not around, hee hee. Ya need to, sometimes. Anyway, since all the company has gone, and things have gotten quiet around here, Terry has decided to have breakfast with me on the weekends. How sweet. soooo, this morning, he was up at 8:00am, and was frying bacon before I even got my hair blown dry. I was primping away and all of a sudden I could smell bacon... oh, yum.

After breakfast, we hit the road for Glad Gardens near Cambridge where I sauntered, oooo'd and ahhhhh'd, touched and smelled, peruse labels and consulted my list for over an hour. Then I started picking up things. A yellow iris (Swedish style, very slim leaves), a fun looking dark green, almost red thing, that I have, but I wanted another one to give to Robin. Then tons of shade plants for my clay pots. I have some really pretty combinations last year, so I looked at pictures and made a list and sort of a map. After the first hour, one of the gardeners who work there came to chat, and he ended up giving me some great ideas and cool combinations. I have these cool hanging clay pots and I haven't really been happy with them the last 2 years... so he gave me some good suggestions for them. Tomorrow is planting day... a whole month later than normal but I don't care. I can't wait to put them together.

After we unloaded the car of plants, had a quick lunch and made a few phone calls, we piled into the car again and headed to Halifax for a marathon run of errands. We met a lady in Mount Uniacke whom we were buying a Thule car rack from. We found her on Kijiji and it was a good deal. We needed a roof rack as we are planning to buy Kayaks too and the rack is a necessary accessory. Then we were off to Cole Harbour to buy saddles for the roof rack that hold the kayaks. We found this guy on Kijiji as well. We got there just on time to ward off another kijiji shopper, sitting in his car trying to convince the owner to sell them to him, even though we were on our way to buy them (2 hour drive too at $1.44 a litre). Anyway, we bought them and the man through in some straps and two water tight storage bags too. Great deal. Next we went to Old Creek Kayaks and canoes to price out kayaks. This guy is a Thule dealer too, so we ordered the fit kit from him while we were there. We loved his kayaks, and this is the second visit we had with his store, and this time I even hopped into the little river next to the store and tried out a red/yellow one. Called Aquafusion, 13 ft long and that's all I know. Anyway, I ran it into the rocks to my left as everyone watched, and that was pretty embarrassing. . I usually have pretty good control of kayaks, and couldn't understand what I was doing. Once I got into the lake at the end of the river, I had better control. Once I headed back up the river to the store, I realized what my problem was. The River was pretty fast moving and only about 15 feet wide...very narrow channel and I have never paddled a current. When I headed back up the river, I felt like I was crawling up hill..!!! The guy at the shop laughed as he saw me struggling and said he calls this the "Trendmill" for arms.... He made me feel better about the rock crash saying everyone does that cause of the shape of the river.
We left there with an estimate for two kayaks, all the safety stuff we need, paddles and skirts. We have to go back next weekend, and get the fit kit for the Roof Rack (this is different for every make of car, which is sold separately). The fit kit on the rack now is for a 1991 Honda Civic..not even close. When we go back, we will probably buy the kayaks. We talked about them all the way home... and are pretty excited. He gave us a good deal, with some free stuff, and a "two kayak" discount too.
The drive home was pretty exciting... we left Bedford just as the rains came, and the lightening was spectacular. I hate thunder and lightening, except when I am in a car. Its the only place I truly feel safe. We drove through pounding rain for about a half hour and then the clouds melted away to sunshine in the Promise Land. Our Valley. I love our valley... we are so lucky to live here.!


Jill said...

Yeah!!! It's about time. I know how much you have wanted those Kayaks. I am so excited for you!

cpm said...

KAYAKS?!? You are so cool! What a fun day! mine consisted of report cards and procrastinating about report cards!!!

GailM. said...

cool. Now you can drag your kayaks to the cottage and we'll all 4 go out exploring together.