Sunday, June 1, 2008


One good thing about the last couple of weeks was reconnecting with family. Family I haven't seen or talked to in years. Why do we wait for these moments, when a loved one is sick or has died before we get in touch.

But, at least we have connected and it is up to us, as family, to make an effort to stay in touch. I am so touched by the fact that these cousins and Aunts, made the effort to come hundreds of kilometres to visit with us and share a meal. We had the most delicious supper put on by the Aurora Inn. There were 20 of us for supper, and after a delightfully light salad, we had a generous plate full of tender roast beef, gravy, lots of veggies and pretty whipped potatoes. The meal was beyond delicous and it ended with an assortment of pies. Lemon, coconut cream and cheese cake.... how can one chose!!! It was a wonderful way to spend the break between visitations, and after exchanging addresses, taking some pictures, we said our good byes and promises of keeping in touch.

It was great to talk to my two uncles (Dad's brothers) on the phone several times, and my two aunts, Jeanette and Celia. They have all made this whole thing so much better than it could have been. My two uncles sound a lot like my dad, so on one occasion, Michelle thought she was talking to dad from the hospital and in actuality it was my Uncle Eddie in Ontario. The second time, it was Gail who crumbled to tears while talking to my Uncle Bunny, just cause he sounds so much like dad.

On June 14, we all travel to Campbellton, NB, where we will spend the weekend with my mom's family. This will be when we have a private family funeral for dad, and he will be buried with my mom. We are all looking forward to seeing the Boudreau gang, as they are always so much fun to be with.


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