Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A weekend of Journeys

We spent a lot of time in the car, but that didn't really feel long. Our first leg of our trip was just to Moncton, and that was short because we met Michelle and Scott in Truro and we "wagontrained" it to Moncton. "My" Sandra was our bed and breakfast stop for the night and we spent the evening chatting and catching up with her, Paul and Andre. We all got to meet our newest family members.... Sweetie and Starbuck, since they certainly couldn't leave the little piggies home along for 2.5 days!~ Andre was instantly in love with these little cuties, and so did their two dogs (but not in that cousinly love.... more like the "BACON" loving kind of love). Sandra had her hands full for the weekend playing referee and guard of two pigs.

The next morning we headed up the east side of NB and "texted" with my sister who was heading up the centre of the province and we were met in the Miramachi for a coffee and then we followed each other all the way to Campbellton.

My Aunt Mae left instructions with me that we were not to eat on the way up because she had made us a lunch... and it was a yummy lunch....ham.... home made bread.....pickles, cheese...etc...

After a quick visit with her, we all headed off to the church for a small private mass and dad's final committal, his last sacrament of life. Father Bill was kind and sweet and kept things very light, even when he had to compete with our little baby Aurora who suddenly found her singing voice and revelled in the echos of the church. ( I am not even going to mention the loud and juicy poop she had, which also echo'd throughout the cathedral, followed by two whole pews of family giggles)

My dad now rests where he always knew he would. In amongst all my mom's family, where my mom rests as well. He chose this spot himself and joked about it for years, saying he would be at my mom's feet, where he was anyway, when she was alive.

We had a great time visiting with family, eating... and laughing, sharing stories, and quilt patterns. Patience and her second cousin sat and shared baby stories about their children, Ashley with her 6 month old son Cameron and Patience with our 4 month old Aurora. I know there are some great pictures and as soon as someone sends me some... I will post them .

What is a visit to my french heritage without a table full of lobsters. Thanks to my brother who showed up with 3 dozen live suckers and cooked them for everyone. This was on top of all the yummy things my Aunt Mae had made. A feast for sure.


GailM. said...

We had a nice weekend, but I'm glad it's all over. I'm so glad that Dad is with Mom. They're together and it's like we've given him back to Mom to take care of. And we'll have lots of little stories to tell Aurora about her performance in church... What a cutie, if I say so myself...

cpm said...

How nice to know that your Mom and Dad are finally together again. Rest in Peace... and they surely are.
I'm happy things went so well and that you are back safe and sound.