Friday, February 11, 2011

Boys Weekend-Surprise!

I would like to blame it on the lack of sun, the lack of warmth, too much snow, or maybe some sort of illness.... but.... nope... just laziness, really.
Last Wednesday, we had a snow day... one of those beautiful, cold sunny days that also had treacherous roads.. and therefore warranted a Storm Day decision. In honour of the beautiful but treacherous day... I decided I was taking the day.. and stay home. After setting my 6:00AM "Storm Day" message on the school answering machine.. and calling my co-worker who has no radio to give her the good news, I crawled back in bed. and tossed and turned for like 15 minutes.. before I decided to get up. I spent an hour drinking coffee... making a list of stupid piddly things that needed to get done, and were going to get done today.... Once Terry was up, showered, coffee-d and out the door, I began my routine, with laundry and a little paper cutting & ribbon threading for a Staff Appreciation project for next week. Then the phone rings... Terry... apologizing profusely that he messed up really bad on some important dates. In my mind.. I was thinking, what could be so important.... really... that he feels so bad about messing up some dates.
Well, the bonspiel he was involved with "next" week..... was really today... So, I think.. not so bad.. really.... except, I forgot the part about the 3 extra men who are coming to stay with us for 4 day... starting TODAY!

So, here is where my laziness has raised up to bite me in the ass. I have 3 spare bedrooms... and two bathrooms. A family room with a big TV... perfect for guests to watch hockey games and relax in between games. BUT..... I haven't vacuumed downstairs in like a month, and all three spare bedrooms are filled with items.... like one bedroom.. full of computer parts from Terry rebuilding our family computer.... one bedroom is nicely set up for Christmas wrapping... yes, Christmas wrapping! The third bedroom has a whole year of bills sorted all over the bed, ready for filing or shredding... None of the beds are made up... bathrooms have been neglected for weeks... and not a stitch of snack foods or liquor in the house... magazines, newspapers, Wii games, sneakers, socks and water bottles litter my family room... and cat hair is evenly distributed throughout the house!

The rest of my Storm day was spent hauling a vacuum up and down the stairs, dusting (oh my GOD, I don't remember when I dusted last!!), moving all the crap from each bedroom, scrubbing bathrooms and fluffy up all the towels. I washed all the couch blankets. You know, those beloved blankets you throw on you when your curled up on the couch!! Well, my cats love them too. Never once was I annoyed with Terry over his mistake.... but I was annoyed with myself that I have let the whole "housework" thing get so far behind. I guess I figured that if "Reba" the Roomba was vacuuming upstairs every day, the rest of the house would take care of itself too!... geesh.

The boys arrived, and when they weren't curling, they were home here playing dice. What a blast. The shit chuckin' and ranting, hollering and laughing was fun and contagious. I had to step in for part of a game or two when one of the boys were too "tired" to continue. God help you if you made a weanie decision during the game.. out came the "Blonde" wig... Best $10 I ever spent, was my Marilyn Monroe wig!

The weekend for them is over, and I still have my Saturday and Sunday, and the house is somewhat clean. yipee!!
What is pretty remarkable is that two of the boys have never never never curled before, and Tom curls once a year. Terry is the heavy weight, 'cause he curls once a week!!!
By the fourth game, the virgin curling boys were looking pretty professional when they remembered to sweep!!!
The Team in action!! I think there will be some pretty sore boys tomorrow!
The winners of B division of the Wing C & E Bonspiel. (I think, thats what its called)!!
See you in June for the annual Golf Tournament!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Terry and the guys on their successful curling weekend!
Congrats to you for your whirlwind cleaning day...I also have a bedroom ready for Christmas wrapping - I guess I should transfer the supplies to the storage area in the basement!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
:) Debbie

GailM. said...

hi. I'm checking in from Waterbury Conneticut. Nice drive today. We're at a fabulous hotel where they give you fresh fruit and warm cookies at the desk. yummmm.

Sounds like a fun weekend for you guys. Love that blonde wig.

cpm said...

OMG! Haven't we all had those whirlwind days. Nothing like a deadline to get things done!!!
Looks like the boys had a great weekend! I love how they are playing with bright pink dice! lol!