Saturday, February 5, 2011

Whistle while she works!

You know it a slow News day in the house when I am taking pictures of the vacuum and the cat!!!!

This Christmas, our children gave us a wonderful gift... The Roomba! With 3 cats and hardwood floors.... it was an awesome idea.
We lovingly name her Reba... and she is programmed to come on each day at 9 am. She cleans our upstairs floors daily, except when she gets caught on something.
Its always an adventure to find her when we come home and she is not at her dock. She sometimes is sitting in the bathroom, hung up on the bath mat if she has flip it on one of her runs... and we have found her behind the couch (with an electric cord holding her up in the air), under our bed (with a sock in her mouth), in my closet (sitting on top of a table leg or rogue shoe). We always wonder where we will find her, or what happened during her hour long run through the house. When she is cleaned out each day, we have found paper clips, twist ties, paper balls, candy wrappers, beads, string and even a sock.

So, here it is, today, Saturday, my favourite day.... and as I sit here blogging, she is buzzing around the house, getting her chores done. What is hilarious about today is that Pika is quite struck with her. He must be bored out of his mind because he spent the first few minutes of her routine... stocking her... then waiting for Reba to come after him....
Its coming... closer... buzzing...rolling... buzzing.....zz.z..zzzzz...
How long can I stay before I run away..... how brave am I!! watch my toes!!!
Hey, how dare you go RIGHT BY ME...... bugger...wait... its coming back...
Hey.. didn't even come near me this time..... wimp!!!!
What a great way to sip my coffee on a quiet (except for the buzzing!) Saturday morning. The pictures I didn't get were of Pika taking swats at it, as it went by, and then the flipping over of his whole body to watch it go by again, upside down. My little digital doesn't do RAPID fire! You're just going to have to imagine it!


mvm said...

Does Reba work really well? Maybe a good gift for my in-laws. They are cat lovers as well and have hardwood floors.

ancient one said...

Cute gift.. I can imagine it would be fun to see where she is each day. And imagine all that goes on with the cat each day.. ha ha