Monday, February 14, 2011

It's the little things that say "I Love You"

About once a month, Kay and I get together at her house to plan the whole month of crafts for Children's Liturgy. This gives me a month ahead to search for clipart, find paper colors, create drawings, print them, cut them out, find and copy coloring or activity sheets.

Sounds all good... but do I do that? Nope, not usually. Usually, I am scrambling each week, starting off with good intentions but usually I am scrapping things together on Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday morning. There isn't a weekend that goes by that Terry doesn't ask
"what are we cutting this weekend?".

So when I say its the little things that say "I love you"... its this. Terry cuts the millions of little parts to my projects each week for the past 18 or so years, and this weekend was no different. The day before Valentines Day, our craft for the kids was heart related. We started with a big heart, which Kay cut out.. and she added a string that hangs down in the middle.
In the center of the heart, hanging from the string is a bigger red heart that says God Shows us Love, pass it on. Then we had to glue the millions of little hearts all around the outside of the heart, with the names of people we pass love on to. You know~~Mother, Father, Sister Brother, neighbours, friends, Grandparents.. etc.
Terry cut out all those hearts.... but with a heart punch. This is a vast improvement from the ole days when we didn't have a heart punch!Our day starts off with Kay reading two readings while the kids stand and listen. She walks around the center of the circle, usually holding the hand of Gwen who feels that this is what Kay is suppose to do each week. Months ago, before (under 3 year old) Gwen knew the routine, Kay held her hand to stop her from running around the room, or touching the candle in the center of the table. Now, its part of the whole routine... Gwen automatically stands up and walks around with kay. Its so adorable each week.After the readings, a couple of questions, a little pep talk and some how to instructions, the kids head off to their work stations (brown paper on the floor) and they begin to create...

Not one creation is the same as the next guy, and there is usually enough glue or tape on a project that is pretty obvious to the receiving parents that they get very little creative stifling!

We line up just before going back into church, sing a quick round of Skidamarink and off we go to show off our beautiful artwork and they are hopefully filled with some positive spirit!
Without Terry's unending patience and dedication to my Church craft each week... each Sunday would be filled with square things to glue... or coloring sheets only. Thanks to my guy who tells me he loves me... each Sunday morning..... snip snip snip!!


Anonymous said...

you're so right - it's the little things that mean the most! and you are no eception - thanks for my cookies - love you!!!
I love your Valentine Church craft!
:) Debbie

GailM. said...

How sweet! We are lucky sisters, aren't we, to have such helpful husbands.

cpm said...

You are so good to all kids…school, church, your own, kids in your family, mine! You're the best!
Terry is so helpful! Steve likes cutting laminated stuff for me for the first 5 minutes and then he's over it! Ugh!