Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Staff Appreciation Week

I have worked at the same location for almost 20 years. I work with a diverse and varied staff. We are predominately women, but the men who work with us are a perfect fit for a mostly woman staff. Their sense of humor, keen understanding of women and their respect make them a perfect addition to our staff. All the people I work with are first and foremost nurturers.. They are working in this environment by choice. All of my staff planned their lives around this outcome. To work with children.... first to teach them the basic educational needs.. writing, reading and about our world. But it doesn't end there.. they give themselves to all of the children in their charge, be it in the classroom, one on one, on the playground. The people I work with think, plan, organize and live their lives around what their students need. I work with Teachers, Educational Assistants, Administration, cafeteria staff and building caretakers.

Our staff care about every one of them. I see little things every day... simple actions, statements and interactions showing me how much we all care about each other and our charges. I am the luckiest person in the world to be surrounded by these people through the good times and the bad.

This week is Staff Appreciation week and I can't even begin to share how much I appreciate the people I work with each day... past and present included.

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cpm said...

I LOVE my whistle! I want to put it on my keychain so that I can carry a piece of you (and KDS) with me everywhere BUT I know that in doing so it will get scratched. :-( BIG DILEMMA! I therefore think I should get the "extra" whistle for safe keeping and for memory purposes when I get posted! teehee! xo