Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog Day - Snow Storm 2011

Talk of this storm has been brewing since last weekend with forecasts ranging from Weather Bomb to flurries.... some stations said two weather systems converging on Nova Scotia, while others said we would only get the tail end of the big Texas weather event...

I know that NOBODY was talking about the weather yesterday at school. Its the Jinx thing... Facebook was eerily quiet about the storm, with just a few "ritual" practices being talked about that would for sure bring on a snow day... you know... making tomorrow's lunches, or laying out the kids clothes... or getting supper all made for tomorrow... My kids always threw ice cubes over the deck railing to ensure there would be a school cancellation! I haven't a clue where that came from, but it was pretty darn accurate! Doesn't help that Terry is a weather expert when it comes to predictions and he would advise the kids on when it was necessary for the ice cube ritual!

Well, the storm hit around lunchtime but schools were canceled first thing this morning. That was exciting for everyone! Both Terry and I went into work, until noon and then headed home for an afternoon of snow shoveling and TV watching.
Terry LOVES this kind of weather... he loves watching the weather network; he loves shoveling our driveway, sidewalks and kitty paths.
I even got into it this evening... since its fun snow to shovel. Not too wet.. nice and light.Our front flower bed is totally buried with snow... and its kind of amazing how much snow we have had. I love it, really. Its way better than rain, thats for sure.!~
Dad's bench is a little buried!
This is a really cool evergreen ball that my mother in law bought in Halifax, from a guy on the side of the highway. Its a real evergreen ball that hangs outside. She bought it way before Christmas, and gave it to me afterwards. Its been hanging out in the elements ever since and it looks so fresh and lush. I can't wait to see how the person selling them made it!!!


GailM. said...

That Terry looks totally happy. Funny what snow will do to a person. I have a weather bug here too. Been following the weather for 3 days now. If it's snows enough, I get the day off excercise tomorrow...yippee I love a snow day.

Sue said...

I remember Sonia dooing the Snow Day dance. Great blog.

mvm said...

Terry does look very happy!! With all the snow coming down I forgot about Ground Hog Day, thanks for the reminder.

cpm said...

I'll have to throw the ice cube trick into my snow day rituals!! How's Terry feeling about Tuesday?!? Fingers crossed!!!
P.S. Super cute hat!