Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Checking In

When I go through extended lengths of time without blogging, several things happen. First off, I panic a little. Why.?.. don't know. Second, I lose my desire to blog..... why?... don't know. Thirdly, I get overwhelmed at how far behind I am in blogging... and I freeze up. All that said, I am blogging today, so none of that happens!

Its been a slow week. Nothing exciting in my life... and regular life is a little too simple to blog about. But, then again, maybe not. Here's the week....

My Tuesday night Curling was cancelled due to flu issues on the team, and no spares available. In some sort of sick way, I was totally excited to be home unexpectedly on a Tuesday night. What did I do on my bonus night home..... put on my PJ's and did NOTHING. How is that for a waste of a bonus night! Wednesday night was curling as well, so I did get a game in this week. Terry skipped the game which was a first for me.. and I harassed him all night. Of course, that was no different than any other night, I usually harass my skip, but it's usually Mr. Doug, my regular skip, and he is so deadpan serious, that I work very hard every night to get a slight grin or eye roll from him!!! Its my nightly goal! Terry was easier to harass, he is so used to it.. and, sadly, he gives it right back!

School was somewhat uneventful, with no broken bones (we had a broken nose, last week). The flu is in the community but our school has been relatively un scathed so far. Speaking of the flu, I am not sure, but I believe I have a touch of the flu but not a puky kind. I actually left work on Friday afternoon, to go home and sleep. My night and early morning was fitful with many visits to the bathroom, and long periods of no sleep. Friday, at work, I felt like I was walking on thin ice, in the morning, and finally gave in and left after the busy lunch hour was over.
My Friday evening was fitful as well, with stomach pains but not nausea. More like I did hundreds of sit ups. But The Scotties was on (Women's Curling) and so there was always something on TV and I rested most of Saturday. I really am not 100% now, but way better than Friday.. so if that was the flu I had to get, I am grateful it was minor.

My newest project ... building a "leftover" rag quilt. I made Sean a rag quilt for Xmas made of all the funky flannel plaids that our fabric store had. ( I didn't take one picture, not one, can you believe it). I cut ever inch of the fabric into blocks, both 8 inch and 6 inch, to use every scrap.
After I finished Sean's gift, I had about 30 squares left over. So, this weekend I started using them up. I have to figure out how to incorporate the 6 inch blocks into the 8 inch blocks.

The little square are at the bottom of the picture, and shuffled along the top of the squares. I think if I sew 8 little ones together, they will be the same length as 6 big ones... who knows. I will try it this afternoon. I will post a finished picture of my leftover rag quilt!

And now, as Reba cleans my house, I am off to church to make door hangers with a nice little "Thank You" poem on it with the kids at church.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for 'checking in'...miss reading your blogs when you take a break!
Stop being so hard on yourself...your great writing takes great thought!!!
:) Debbie

ancient one said...

I hope your "not quite flu" is gone..I think my brother-in-law had that same stuff last week. He finally went to the doctor for some help. I think your quilt will be pretty. Don't forget the pics...I'll check back to see them.

mvm said...

I'm happy you are feeling better both Sophie and I had a touch of that last week but mild. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!!

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