Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Weekend is here

It has been a while since I have updated and I am not even sure why. Once March Break hit, I seem to have pretty full days and you know when you get to a point where you have too much to blog about...then you just don't blog at all. Then like Jill says, it becomes too much pressure to blog... blah blah blah... Fresh Start

Easter is here, and for the first Easter ever I have both kids home and both of their mates. So far we have had a great meal, yummy snacks and two games of dice. Sean won both games in is shy non competitive way. He just smiles his million dollar smile when he wins..... a true athlete. hee hee.

Saturday... today.... we are off to the city (the girls are) to run a couple of errands. First to the Bead Pod to help Grace design a bracelet that she can make to sell to her friends and mine, to help her with her goal of raising $2000 for Breast Cancer. Terry's sister Kim and her daughter (my God daughter) Grace will be participating in the "Weekend to End Breast Cancer" in August. They are participating in memory of our dear friend and Aunt Sherry who passed away 2 years ago. Also in celebration of Kim's dad, Frank who has a clean bill of health after a very long year of battling cancer. Check out their website here.. Some of the ideas we have come up with to help them raise their money is some nice bead bracelets and cool book marks. Grace has purchased some stamping supplies to make some cute little notecards to sell as well. I am sewing oatbags to sell as well, so we will help her any way we can. Its a wonderful thing to commit to a big project, especially when its for such a great cause. If anyone has any ideas to help Grace with her $2000 goal (oh, and Kim has to raise $2000 as well), just let us know, we can use all the suggestions we can get.
Well, I am off to round up the girls and head to the city..... and I will blog when I get home!!!

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GailM. said...

Happy Easter. It's great to have all the kids around you. Easter without family around is .. welll....very quiet. Mert and I will celebrate our 24th Anniversary on Easter, so that will be a nice distraction.

Good luck with the fund-raising.