Saturday, March 1, 2008

I am back... I know it now... I am thinking in Blog Terms

You know your back in the mood when you look at something and immediately file a blog title away in your mind for your next blog.

Jill's back on line.... with no pressures or expectations, Jill. Just nice to have you back.... her link is now back on my links... so check it out.

Gail has arrived safe and sound in the south and loves her new digs. My brother is polluting my computer hotmail acct with tons of pictures of the north and him sleeping on the couch!!!!! Ah, life is good.

Reno talk.... we ordered Bamboo flooring..... Bamboo you say. Yup. Its very nice. We are planning on replacing the entire upper floor (minus the bedrooms) which is all presently 30 year old carpeting. We have looked for several years, and not sure what to use. We don't have a very "respectful lifestyle" so hardwood was out. Laminate is lovely, but not quite what we were looking for to use in a main floor area. Then we came apon Bamboo. Bamboo is a great hardwood (harder than maple), with a warm color, very cool bamboo markings, reasonably priced and it is the way of the future. The best part about this flooring material is that it is an environmental miracle in the fact that the plant is truly a renewable resource. Once harvested, the bamboo root system merely sprouts a new shoot the following rainy season. Bamboo can be reharvested in 3 to 5 years instead of 30 or more years for other hardwoods. So, therefore, its that much better to use. So, we are back to hardwood, and eventhough it is harder than maple, we just have to be a little better at how we treat our floors. This is not a great picture of the stuff we ordered but its all I can find. I will take pictures once it actually arrives. This will be a summer project, of course. We will invite all our friends over for lunch and then hand them a hammer and voila, 600 square feet of floors covered in bamboo by supper. How's that for optimistic~!

Stephanie made me the coolest thing. Its a "points" bracelet. As you can see by the pictures below, it is a beaded bracelet with a moveable glass bead bobble on it. It has 25 beads which is exactly how many points I limit my daily intake of food to, following the Weight Watchers plan. As you use your points during the day, you move the marker along and it helps you to keep a visual appreciation of what you have already eaten and how much you have left. And I find that even if you don't use the marker every day, having that bobble tapping you on the arm several times a day, keeps me focused on what my goals of the day are!!
Stephanie is interested in selling these to anyone who would like to liven up their already lively battle of the points, so if you are interested, or know of those who might be, please let me know and she will gladly make them for you.


Josee said...

cute bracelet, but I would need a necklace that gets tighter on the neck with every point I eat. Where did you get the white bookcase in the room? Love the color on the wall.

Anonymous said...

okay... want to know ALL the details about your Fab-O new flooring.. we've been considerting Bamboo too... you can be our guinea pig!!! :) K

Anonymous said...

Count us in for the flooring project this summer. We can practice on yours, before we decide what to do with our main floors - haha! Love the look of the bamboo, as well as Michelle's updated room. You and Terry have been so productive - makes me feel lazy!