Friday, March 7, 2008

March Break begins in a lottery feast

Ok, so the good news is.... I won on the lottery. My group that I am with (60 of us) had a mitt full of tickets on the "millionaire lottery" where you can win a million a year for 25 years. I am so excited to tell you that we won. Yup. $20. That equals .33 each. Not back for a $2 investment. As far as lotteries go....

Ok, so the other good news is.... my dad won the lottery too. I just got his ticket checked tonight at the pharmacy.. and the sweet sound of dododa rang out... yup... winner... $2.00. How exciting. Not bad for a $3 investment.....

Ok, so the other good news is...... two of my co-workers won in a group their hubbys were in that won 2.5 million!!!! Now that is really exciting. The group is 22 strong, and after a little bit of controversy (which you missed Chantal!!!... cause your not here!!).. each member of the group walks away with $96,000. How exciting is that. OK, so that is really good news. That is a sweet amount to win cause its just enough for most people to pay of debts, buy a couple of treats and then relax and enjoy their job and their family and they regular paycheck without all the debt hangin' over their heads.

so, there are three big winners in my week... and I am now going out to buy a few more tickets... cause this girl is gonna have her kayaks this year.... I am ready.

I have started my spring routine of walking each morning. I am enjoying them even though it is very cold, but there is no snow on the roads to contend with, and I am very grateful for that. And to make myself even more "grateful" I am tuned into Tony Robbins "Daily Magic" which is a audio Mp3 that is soooooo upbeat and energizing, that you can't help but put a bounce in your step when your listening to him. Mollie is a little stiff and sore, because we really clip along, but she will loosen up once she gets in better shape.

March break is a time for me to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Those are the only 3 "R"s I plan on attempting this week. Well, and the list of 20 things I would like to get done... but the 3 Rs are my priority.
Pet Pictures... sorry... just so cute.!!

Puppy Love

Peaceful Pika

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GailM. said...

I love it when people you know, or sorta know wins the lottery. Oh, your animals look so pieceful. I'm so glad that my cat is doing ok at Stef's. Enjoy your March break...