Thursday, March 27, 2008


#1.... found my retainer... but not before I got the new one. Yup. I called my dentist on Tuesday to tell her my dog ate my retainer... and they squeezed me in right away to get a new mold taken so she could make me an "invisible" retainer, to hold my teeth in place while I wait for the arrival of "the wire" for behind my teeth. But, the good news is when I got to my dentist late in the day, the wire, along with an invisible retainer arrived in the afternoon mail that was made for me from the mold taken 2 weeks ago. She crammed that sucker on my teeth and I gagged and spit all though curling that night, and slept well. The next day it worked pretty good at school.

This morning, Terry found my retainer...... right in the middle of the living room floor. Yup. All the wires were broke and two small chunks broke off the ends and a nasty snag picked out of the top as well. It didn't exactly look like it had been chewed, but more like it had been stepped on! So....... where was it all this time, and who put it in the middle of the living room floor during the night. Both Dad and Mollie are pointing at each other in blame, and Terry swears he found it right in the middle of the floor, so he didn't possibly steal it in the first place. I don't know, I suspect all of them.....

Anyway, I wear my plastic teeth cup until next Monday and then its wire time.

#2 - Flooring is here. Safe and sound and beautiful. It is a wonderful color and we made sure that it matched the cat perfectly!
#3. We bought new dressers for our room from Ikea (which everyone knows means - 200 pieces and lots of instructions).
Our old dressers will be going to Michelle and scott for their new place, but they thought they might like to repaint them. Soooooo.... on Saturday (my favorite day, while I was off shopping with Mick and Steph) Scott, Sean and Terry worked their buns off and stripped, sanded and painted the tall dresser... great results. In the picture, you can see the brown long dresser, in its original state, and the new black one beside it! I can't even tell you how cold it was for them outside, in the garage with the big door open... brrrrrrr

A kitty cat in kitty bliss......

Soaking up the sun in a cardboard box.... priceless


ancient one said...

Hi Donna, It's been awhile...looks like you've been busy! I'm glad you found your retainer..LOL.

I've got a question about those GPS hunts (maybe that's right?).. Are they hidden out in the open, or do you have to dig for them. I know which corner someone in town has marked on his map, but don't have the GPS thing to find it exactly... wondered how well those caches are hidden?

GailM. said...

I'm so glad the dog didn't eat your retainer. The poor dog could have had some baaaaad medical problems. The flooring looks great. I'm wondering how you made out with the brokerage etc..

Jill said...

So glad Molly didn't ingest your retainer after all...I was worried about the poor puppy!

The dressers look awesome as does the flooring! Do you know when you'll start to put it down?

see you soon!