Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Floods begin... again?

For the second time this winter we have had heavy rains for a few days and with the ground still frozen, there is just no where for the water to drain. There is a walking path from our subdivision to the subdivision that is on the other side of the river and that path is flooded... and those waters are the trouble makers for our neighbours across the street... they just keep rising.
Above is the path to the walking bridge. It has been raised up so it doesn't flood. Once you turn the corner to the walking bridge....nothing... movin' water. You can't really make it to the bridge, but you can see our quiet babbling river has risen to the rails of the bridge. The duckpond is so full it has spilled over into the parking lot. This is the second time for this in less than a month. Rocknotch is starting to flood which is a little country road that leads up the mountain. It has a little One Lane Bridge over the little river we have in our subdivision, and the river has over flowed into the farm fields and is now edging up to the road...And anyone who lives around here knows that we judge the water level by the height of the water in "Lake Sometimes". This mystical lake is really a marshy green field that is located right on the border of two little villages. In the early years, this marshy field that lined the Annapolis River was a lush campground, quite popular with long term campers. But when the power plant was built 100 km up the road (in the 60's), it disrupted the natural flow of the river (so the elders say) and since then lush field has become a marshy field and when the river is high, the lake arrives. I drive past "Lake Sometimes" every day on my way to work along with thousands of other people, and we all still marvel when the waters rise high enough to threaten the road. That has happened only twice since I have lived in this community. Pictured below is the lake, taken from next door to buddy's driveway, who lives on the marsh and whose home is always surrounded by the lake during the rainy season... One has to wonder why he lives there and what his basement must be like! You can see his driveway has disappeared under the water.

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