Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wedding Dress Shopping

Saturday... remember, my favorite day of the week.

Easter Saturday was no different. We had a big day planned. Michelle, who is planning her wedding for July 2009, had decided on a dress via the Internet and I thought before she gets her hopes on one style, she should go to a dress shop and have some fun trying on some dresses. This event was to be just one of our many tasks of the day.

Michelle woke up and nothing seems to be right. She couldn't get her hair to do what she wanted, her favorite "Saturday" clothes were still not dry from last nights' laundry and she all of sudden got the weepies about going to a "high pressure" wedding dress store where the ladies would be cut throat and judgemental. (Too much of the TLC "Say yes to the Dress") After a little reassurance that "trying on the dresses" certainly did not have to happen today... she felt better and agreed that we can at least go to a couple of shops to check out things.
Our first stop was a little shop in Windsor. After discovering that we had to take our shoes off before ascending the stairs to the bridal shoppe, we had to turn around and go to the drug store next door and buy some socks for little ole Mick as she arrived in "flats" and bare feet!!! We searched around the boutique but found that the dresses were squeezed into cabinets and in order to see a dress, you had to pull it out and when you did, it left you with a feeling of "disturbing the whole store". Michelle had a clear vision of what she wanted so we started looking for that particular type and found only one that we liked. The shop was fairly busy and with no change rooms available, and very busy ladies, we decided to come back later after a bite to eat. On the way out, a clerk make a "high pressure" comment about not waiting too long to pick out a dress and that left us all feeling like we didn't want to go back. At lunch, we agreed that today was not the day for trying on dresses and we would get on with the rest of our errands in the city.
On our way past Lower Sackville, I mentioned the little dress shop that my good friend Kay had told me about and Michelle agreed to give it a look. Of course, we had no address and no idea where we would find it, but alas it wasn't that hard to find. When we entered it was nothing I expected. A little shop full to the ceiling with prom dresses, one wall of Wedding dresses and a nice little area set aside for changing. Immediately, upon entering the store, we were greeted by a very friendly young lady who made us laugh and broke the ice right away. She chatted up Michelle, and giggled while showing us some sweet dresses. She listened to what Michelle had to say, and she made her the focus. She showed Michelle some of her favorite dresses and begged Michelle to try on certain ones... Michelle had a ball (after her initial panic when the girl ASSUMED that Michelle was trying on dresses), and proceeded to pile up a change room with big flouncy dresses. Off Michelle went with her, and had a ball. They even allowed us to take pictures. There is one dress we didn't get a picture of and it was the same dress Michelle wanted to try at the other store. It was equally as sweet as all the rest. Below are all the dresses! Yup. Michelle wants your comments.... imagine... she is so excited for everyone to see some of her favorites.
Cupcake- 3 pics, Front, Back and With a Veil
Simple, exactly the style she wanted, fits like a glove


(ok, we made up most of the names to help us remember which dress was which)

This one bustles well, has a little tulle in the front and fit perfect.

Mermaid, side slant

perfect fit, gauzing tulle skirt (not white, sort of light cream)

Sparkly Princess Dress

lovely train, very sparkly, not her size, most expensive in the store, hee hee

Halter Style
too big for her, but just to try it on. We didn't like this one too much.

Green Wedding Dress... yes, a green one... what a hoot....

fit perfect, and a lovely green, goes well with Tartan....just how non-traditional is Michelle willing to go

So, that is it. Like I said, the other one we didn't get a picture of was one of my favorites, and maybe we will try that one again sometime. Leave comments for Michelle either on my blog or her facebook. It was a fun day. Even Stephanie had fun. We checked out some bridesmaids dress styles and even talked about other pending weddings.


GailM. said...

They all look sweet. I like the mermaid dress. I love spagetti strap wedding dresses... Do they still have some of those..

Sue said...

Makes me want to cry to think of little Michelle getting married. The dresses are beautiful but I would have to say that 'Slanty' is my favourite. I also really like the style of the green one. I hope you're not allowing Scott to see the blog!! Good luck with your decision.
Sue Matte

Anonymous said...

okay.. Mermaid side slant was the best top/bodice fit. Didn't care for any of the bottom styles. Michelle has such a lovely figure.. a shame to cover it in too much poof and flounce. Looks like a really fun day! Luv Albert

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how beautiful! (the dresses and the girl) My fav is the sparkly one....I know it wasn't the right size for trying on but wow it was gorgeous!
Love ya, Sandra

Jill said...

I like the green one...even if she doesn't like the color, the dress looks sweet on her.

SAM said...

I loved loved loved the cupcake one on fit her perfectly....and not everyone can pull that style off, I certainly couldn't when I tried on dresses!!I acually wish that style had looked as good on me as it did on michelle!! That's the one in my book.....SOLD!! Go and pick it up!! She looked perfect

SAM said...
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SAM said...

I loved loved loved the cupcake one on fit her perfectly....and not everyone can pull that style off, I certainly couldn't when I tried on dresses!!I acually wish that style had looked as good on me as it did on michelle!! That's the one in my book.....SOLD!! Go and pick it up!! She looked perfect

SAM said...

I posted the same comment three times...sorry...I deleted one and then gave up! : )

Anonymous said...

I love the cupcake dress on Michelle - very flattering and beautiful. It is a lot more subtle than I expected it to be. Sounds like you had a great time in Lower Sackville!!!How nice that they let you take pics of Michelle in the dresses! Doubt that they would have allowed that at the snooty store in Windsor.

cpm said...

I like the cupcake one best too...but I must admit the slanty one has an awesome bustle (and you want a good bustle on your wedding day b/c when else will you ever get to wear a bustle?!?) halter top one is my least favourite (not the right cut for her in my opinion) looks like you all had tons of fun!
you know what's great about this...none of us know the price so we might all be voting for the least costly...any such luck Mom?!? lol!
You will be a GORGEOUS bride Michelle! Scott is a lucky man!
P.S. I agree that the green one is GORGEOUS...can anyone dye it white?!?

Laci said...

Beautiful, you will look gorgeous in your wedding dress.

Anonymous said...

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