Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday is a lazy day for me usually, and today is no different. Its been low key today for a few reasons, and the weather is just one. It snowed all last evening, then some rain, then quiet...then tons of snow this morning again!. But, really, for those of us who endure snowy, cold winters... today was one of those days you just felt like curling up on the couch or in bed, with a book or a remote control. I curled up on the couch down stairs and watched curling with dad and snoozed through a couple of ends. Once the weather settled down enough for my liking, Michelle and Scott hit the road about 3:00pm armed with a GPS system that Terry had acquired. Michelle drove and Scott manned the GPS for the first bit and when we heard from them at their supper pit stop (at Wendy's in Truro) they had switched drivers and the GPS was not all what it was cracked up to be.
This brings me to a subject that most moms deal with and I am just new at this one. Watching your kids drive off in a car to travel the highways in crazy weather. Ugh, a new aspect of my parenting world. Michelle has been driving, and very carefully, for over 5 years, but this is the first big trip that she and Scott were travelling with the newly bought car, and I must say, they were totally excited and I was not. I expect they will be home any second, and I will feel so much better.... I have shared some worry with my friend Kay, who has 5 grown children and a hubby who fear nothing on the roads.... and also fretted through Debbie's family gaining their vehicle freedom; Shane driving our crazy highway daily back and forth to work at crazy hours, and little bitty Ashley moving to the city and driving there. Now I join the ranks of "Mothers who have EXTRA Worry" club. Ugh.

Hey, I don't even watch hockey but can you believe that the Montreal Canadians are like the top team before playoffs. I don't remember that ever happening.... well, like I said, I don't watch hockey, and actually, I don't know many people around here who are Montreal Fans.... but the few I know, MUST be thrilled!

Scott's dad is in Kabul, in Afghanistan and he send a parcel to Scott and he even sent me something. Imagine my surprise and how touched I was that he would honor me with such a beautiful gift. I can't wait to put these on my new dressers.
They are nesting jewelry boxes and Michelle got a beautifully carved set as well. (Hers is to the left of my set) .

Retainer update.... every two weeks, faithfully, I have been to the dentist for a new adjustment to my retainer. And every two weeks, I feel like its my last two weeks to wear it.... and every two weeks I am sadly disappointed when she says....."so, I will see you in two more weeks"... So, last Thursday, I sat down and waited for my adjustment and she fiddled and hummed and prodded. And then it hit me..... take control.... feel the Power Within!!! as Tony Robbins says... and I mustered up the nerve to say... "you know, I am getting sort of sick of wearing this thing... and I am really happy with the way my teeth have gone back into place...." And, to this, she said "oh, ok, well then lets take the mold of your teeth and order up a wire". YIPEE... of course, for those of you who have had a "Mold" taken... that was no walk in the park, but now I know that "W" day is March 31.... I become "Wired" instead of retainered. A joyous event to say the least.

PS.... 6:30pm.... they aren't home yet....

PPS.... they are now home..... 8:15pm.. 5.5 hours after they left here. Michelle said it was a horrible drive... terrible roads and they are very happy to be home.... and so am I.

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